In  product and service data management, accuracy, speed, and cost-efficiency are critical. At AICA, we are an industry leader in data cleansing, enrichment, creation, and comparison, offering a unique solution that leverages our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. Our services, which integrate seamlessly with PIM, MDM, EAM, and ERP systems, are now available for whitelabeling, providing our partners with an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their offerings.

The Power of Customisable APIs

AICA’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by our customisable APIs, designed to make integration as seamless and efficient as possible. These APIs allow our partners to incorporate our powerful data management capabilities into their existing services, providing a smooth user experience for their customers.

By white labelling our services, partners can offer top-tier data management solutions under their own brand, significantly enhancing their value proposition. This strategic move not only streamlines operations but also positions businesses as leaders in delivering cutting-edge data solutions.

What Sets AICA Apart

AICA’s competitive edge lies in several key areas:

– Speed: Our solutions are 90% faster than traditional methods, drastically reducing the time required for data management tasks.

– Cost-Efficiency: By streamlining data processes, AICA helps partners cut unnecessary costs, ensuring better allocation of resources.

– Accuracy: With over 80% accuracy, our specialised Large Language Models (LLMs) trained on high-quality MRO data far surpass the 30% accuracy typically achieved by general AI models.

– Tailored Algorithms: AICA’s algorithms are specifically trained on MRO product data, ensuring high relevance and precision in data handling.

The Benefits of White Labelling AICA’s Services

White Labelling pre-existing advanced data solutions offers numerous benefits for organisations:

Enhanced Service Offerings

By integrating our high-performance data management services, our partners can elevate their brand and service offerings.

Seamless Integration

The customisable APIs ensure that AICA’s services can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, providing a smooth and user-friendly experience for end-users.

No Need for RFQs

The ease of integration through customisable APIs means that our partners can quickly deploy these advanced solutions without the lengthy and complex RFQ process, saving time and resources.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Offering our cutting-edge data solutions under your brand can significantly enhance customer satisfaction by providing reliable, fast, and accurate data management services.

Strategic Advantage

In a competitive market, the ability to offer top-tier data solutions can provide a significant strategic advantage, helping businesses attract and retain customers.


White labelling AICA’s advanced data solutions provides a unique opportunity for our partners to enhance their service offerings, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. With customisable APIs, your business can seamlessly integrate our high-performance solutions into your existing services, delivering exceptional value to your customers. 

Embrace the future of data management with our  innovative solutions and unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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