While many are familiar with the general concept of data cleansing, the niche of product data cleansing might be relatively new to some. Especially for businesses like AICA that specialise in product data cleansing using AI and ML, it’s vital to distinguish between the two. 

Let’s dive in and understand the differences.

Data Cleansing: An Overview

What is it?
Data cleansing, often known as data cleaning, is the process of detecting and rectifying (or removing) errors and inconsistencies in data to improve its quality. It involves identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting this dirty data or coarse data.

Product Data Cleansing: A Deeper Dive

What is it?
Product data cleansing specifically focuses on the data related to products – descriptions, attributes, classifications and more. Given the vast variety and depth of product data, this cleansing goes beyond simple error detection. 

It involves:

– Standardising product names and descriptions.

– Removing duplicate product listings.

– Correcting inconsistent data (e.g., a product listed in inches in one place and centimetres in another).

– Enriching product data with additional information or attributes.

– Validating product data against reliable sources.

The Role of AI and ML in Product Data Cleansing

Platforms like AICA leverage AI and ML to automate and enhance the product data cleansing process. 

This allows us to:

– Identify patterns in large datasets, spotting inconsistencies that might be missed manually.

– Automatically categorise and tag products based on their descriptions or attributes.

– Predict and rectify missing data points based on the patterns recognised in similar products.


While both data cleansing and product data cleansing aim to improve data quality, the latter goes a step further by addressing the unique challenges presented by product-related data. 

By understanding the nuances between the two, businesses can better appreciate the value brought by platforms like AICA, ensuring that their product listings are accurate, consistent and optimised for both consumers and internal operations.

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