By using their marketplace, DUNGBTLE, in conjunction with AICA and DigiTeams, can reduce inventory levels for businesses with redundant stock.

Instead of letting your surplus inventory go to waste, why not sell it?

The Problem: Excess Inventory And Redundant Stock

Redundant stock and excess inventory is an issue that all businesses face. Not only does it lead to increased costs associated with storage and management of inventory, it also slows down the efficiency and growth of your organisation. This is where DUNGBTLE and AICA come in.

DUNGBTLE is an eCommerce marketplace solution that turns your new surplus and redundant industrial inventory into profitable assets. And with the help of AICAs product data cleansing to ensure that all the product data is accurate, valid, complete, consistent and clean. Overstock can be sold more effectively with minimal effort from your business.

The methods used for selling your excess stock include:

-Master Data Management

-Process Digitisation

-DUNGBTLES Marketplace

What do these terms mean?

Master Data Management

Master data management (MDM) is the process of creating and maintaining authoritative, central and trusted master data. Master data is a term used to describe data that describes a particular product, customer or supplier. It’s important because it’s the kind of information that businesses need to run their operations efficiently.

MDM involves:

-Creating a single version of a company’s master data

-Storing it in a central location

-Ensuring its accuracy and consistency

Process Digitisation

Digitisation is the process of converting a product, service or process into a digital form. This can include things like converting your product into a digital format, or digitising your processes and systems. It also allows you to use your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world to control your business operations

Process digitisation is often used as a way to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy within a company , as well as sales. It can also be used to help reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary steps in your process or streamlining other areas that might have multiple people involved. As a result DUNGBTLE identified digitisation as a crucial step in helping mitigate excess inventory, by increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing.


An online marketplace is a website that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, typically for goods and services, such as DUNGBTLES marketplace. Online marketplaces can be classified into three main types: peer-to-peer marketplaces, business-to-consumer marketplaces, and business-to-business marketplaces.

The benefits of selling on DUNGBTLES online marketplace are many:

-You don’t have to deal with the hassle of running your own website and maintaining it.

-You don’t need to worry about getting your product in front of consumers’ eyes through advertising or marketing.

-There is a low commision paid on sales made by DUNGBTLE.

Why Lose Unnecessary sales?

Now that you know the terminology within the process and strategy that BUNGBTLE implements to sell your stock, it should be seen as a no-brainer that this is the most effective method to help you. Having a no risk, no upfront payment solution to selling redundant stock is a win win for your business. DUNGBTLES solution leaves you with an easy and low maintenance solution as all the work is done by them. Therefore you can focus on your organisations growth and prosperity. To find out more visit DUNGBTLES website as well as AICA to view their one of a kind data cleansing, enrichment and comparison services.