What Is Dirty Product Data?

Dirty product data is a term that describes inaccurate or incomplete information in the database of a company. It’s not just dirty data, it’s bad data. The problem with dirty product data is that it can cause issues in your business, such as:

-Your products may not have the right price tags or descriptions

-Your products may not be delivered to their intended locations

-Your customers may be receiving outdated information about your products

-You might not be able to identify who bought what item and when

What Are The Causes Of Dirty Product Data

There are many ways a company can end up with dirty product data, but the most common cause is when a company doesn’t have a process in place to ensure their products are correctly entered and updated.

For example, if you’re in charge of entering the price of your product and you use an Excel spreadsheet instead of a database or CRM system, there’s a chance that price could get entered incorrectly.

Another common cause is when products get split into multiple SKUs (stock keeping units). It may seem like this would make things easier for your business because now there are more ways for customers to find what they want, but it actually leads to more confusion about pricing and availability because different SKUs have different information associated with them.

Bad data can also result from using multiple systems to track product information across various departments within your company—this can lead to conflicting information being stored in each system without anyone knowing about it until it becomes an issue later down the line.

Here are a few more reasons why your data could be dirty:

-A lack of proper cleaning and validation procedures

-Inconsistent naming conventions for products and categories

-Poorly defined data sets and attributes

-Lack of clear ownership for data quality

-Poor data maintenance and cleansing practices.

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How Cleaning Your Data Will Improve Efficiency Within Your Business

There are many ways in which the cleaning of data will improve efficiency within your business.

One way is by improving the accuracy of information that is used to make decisions. If you have inaccurate data, it can lead to bad decisions being made. When you have clean data, this problem is avoided.

Another way in which cleaning your data will improve efficiency within your business is by reducing the amount of time needed to do your work. If there are errors in your data, you may have to spend a lot of time trying to fix them before you can move forward with any projects or tasks that require this information. By having clean data, this problem is avoided and you can get on with what needs to be done more quickly.

Cleaning your dirty data will also:

-Reduce the need for manual interventions. When your data is clean and accurate, you can avoid not just the cost of correcting mistakes but also the time spent doing it manually.

-Increase your speed to market. It’s easier to make decisions when you have a solid foundation of information about your business.

-Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. If your customers have trouble interacting with your company because of incomplete or inaccurate records, they’re going to be frustrated—and they might look elsewhere for their needs.

Cleaning your dirty data can be a tedious and time consuming task, therefore AICA designed a tool that is easy to use and can be implemented by businesses of all types and sizes. Visit our website to find out more.