The role of a data cataloguer has always been pivotal in organising and interpreting complex information. In the digital era, the volume of data is vast, and the need for precise cataloguing is more critical than ever. 

Enter AICA’s SaaS platform—where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) don’t just aid the process, it redefines it.

Traditional Cataloguing

In the traditional schema of data management, cataloguing stands as a meticulous and time-intensive task. It’s a process where each item demands between 10 to 20 minutes of concentrated effort to classify and detail. When multiplied across thousands of items within large datasets, the cumulative days or weeks can become staggering.

This isn’t just a matter of clocked time—it’s also a substantial cost centre. With data cataloguing dedicating time to a single function, the labour costs scale accordingly. You may find yourself investing heavily in a task that, while foundational, doesn’t directly contribute to revenue generation.

AICA’s Role

AICA’s platform presents a transformative solution, utilising AI and ML to perform data cleansing and enrichment with unprecedented efficiency. 

Let’s see how our technology streamlines these critical processes

Data Cleansing:

  • Anomaly Detection: Our AI swiftly identifies outliers that could signify errors.
  • Corrupt Data Rectification: We automatically detect corrupted entries.
  • Deduplication: The platform eliminates redundancies, ensuring each data point is unique.
  • Poor Language Rectification: AI-enhanced algorithms improve linguistic quality and coherence.
  • Missing Data Addition: The system fills in the gaps, ensuring completeness.

Data Enrichment:

  • Product Data Classification: Machine learning algorithms categorise items effectively for example into UNSPSC.
  • Attribute Addition: Missing product attributes are seamlessly integrated.
  • Long and Short Descriptions: The platform creates detailed long and short product descriptions.
  • Language Translation: Expanding global reach, our AI translates product details into multiple languages.

The Role AICA for a Data Cataloguer 

By automating many of the labour-intensive tasks of data cleansing and enrichment, cataloguers can now handle significantly larger datasets within shorter timeframes, dramatically increasing throughput. This shift not only accelerates the pace of data processing but also eliminates the prolonged hours of manual entry, thereby reducing the potential for human error and the subsequent costs associated with data correction. 

Moreover, the streamlined workflow minimises the need for extensive manpower, allowing cataloguers to increase their profit margins. Therefore our platform does not merely enhance existing operations; it fundamentally redefines them, creating an environment of enhanced productivity, precision, and profitability for data cataloguers and the businesses they support.

Embrace the Future

By integrating AICA’s platform into your workflow, you can redirect the saved time towards analytical and interpretative tasks that require a human’s strategic touch. You become an orchestrator of insights rather than a scribe of data.

The Bottom Line

By automating the bulk of data processing work, we empower data cataloguers to focus on what they do best.

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