SEO is crucial for businesses in the digital age. It ensures your website, and by extension, your products and services, are discovered by potential customers searching online. One of the essential aspects of SEO involves optimising your product information. By leveraging more product attributes, you can improve your SEO, driving more organic traffic and ultimately leading to more sales.

Why More Product Attributes Enhance SEO

Product attributes are specific characteristics that define a product in a way that helps customers make a purchasing decision. These attributes can include everything from colour, size, and materials to technical specifications like dimensions, weight, and power consumption.

The more detailed and accurate the product information you provide, the better you can rank in search results. When you use more product attributes, you create more ways for potential customers to find you.

For example, let’s take a ‘Ball bearing’. A few attributes may be outside diameter,inside diameter, bore and Width. If a customer is specifically looking for a ball bearing with these dimensions your product page stands a better chance of appearing in their search results if these attributes are correctly and clearly listed.

Additionally, Google and other search engines use this information to better understand your products and match them with relevant queries. As a result, your products have a higher chance of appearing in the search results of consumers who are actively looking for the attributes you’ve detailed.

Driving More Sales with Better SEO

SEO drives organic traffic to your site. When customers search for specific product attributes that you’ve detailed, they are likely in the buying phase of their customer journey. They know what they want, and they’re looking for a place to buy it. 

By accurately detailing as many product attributes as possible, you increase the chance of your product pages appearing in relevant searches, driving these ready-to-buy customers to your site.

A clear, thorough product description filled with relevant attributes helps build trust and transparency with your potential customers. The more information they have about a product, the more confident they will feel about making a purchase.

Product Data Enrichment and Discovering More Attributes

Product data enrichment refers to the process of enhancing, refining, and improving raw product data to make it more meaningful and valuable. Through product data enrichment, businesses can discover and add more relevant attributes to their product listings, further enhancing their SEO.

It involves processes such as:


This process involves making sure all data follows the same format and structure. It helps ensure that every product listing is complete and consistent, which is beneficial for both SEO and internal efficiency.


During this process, each product is assigned to specific categories or groups based on their attributes. This makes it easier for search engines to understand the context and relevance of a product, thus helping with SEO.

Attribute Extraction:

This involves identifying and adding additional relevant attributes from the product data. These extra details can help your product appear in more specific search queries.

Data Validation

This process ensures the accuracy of all product data. Incorrect or misleading information can harm your SEO and your brand reputation, so it’s crucial to ensure all product attributes are correct.


This involves adding more valuable data to the product listing, such as user guides, SKUs, manufacturing info and further product attributes. 

Here is an example of what AICA was able to achieve for a client.

This additional information can make your product pages more useful to customers and employees within your organisation.