In inventory management, businesses are continually seeking ways to optimise operations and improve accuracy. A critical aspect in achieving these goals is played by product data enrichment. 

This article delves into four critical processes of product data enrichment and how they collectively enhance the searchability and location of products in inventory management.

Attribute Addition

By incorporating detailed attributes such as size, speed rating, material and brand, your organisation can significantly enhance the precision of its inventory searches. This granularity allows for more specific queries, enabling users to quickly pinpoint items in a vast inventory. 

For example, being able to filter a search to ’15mm, stainless steel, pipe’ drastically reduces the time spent on locating products, thereby increasing efficiency.

UNSPSC Classification

Classification of product data is streamlined using the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code , a global standard for efficient, accurate classification. 

By categorising products into this universally recognised system, businesses ensure a consistent and logical organisation. This standardisation is key to improving product discovery and inventory analysis, enabling users to swiftly locate items and gain insights into product groupings.

Long and Short Descriptions

The creation of both long and short product descriptions serves dual purposes in inventory management. Short descriptions provide quick, essential details, ideal for brief glances or limited display interfaces. 

Conversely, long descriptions offer in-depth information, crucial for understanding the finer aspects of a product. These descriptions enhance the match accuracy between search queries and products, especially in inventories with a wide range of items, ensuring that employees and customers can quickly and accurately find what they’re looking for.

Language Translation

In today’s global market, inventory management often crosses linguistic boundaries. Language translation in product data enrichment ensures that product information is accessible and understandable to a diverse, international audience. 

This not only broadens the market reach but also enhances the user experience by providing information in their native language, thereby reducing misunderstandings and improving search accuracy.

Conclusion: AICA’s Role in Revolutionising Inventory Management

These four processes of product data enrichment play a pivotal role in enhancing the searchability and ease of locating products in inventory management. By implementing these methods, businesses can achieve a more organised, efficient and user-friendly inventory system.

AICA specialises in offering these four product data enrichment services, utilising advanced AI and ML algorithms. Our innovative solutions are designed to transform your inventory management into a seamless, accurate and highly efficient system. 

With AICA, empower your business with enriched product data, and experience the next level of inventory management excellence.

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