In order to ensure clean and efficient data, two important aspects must be addressed: data maintenance and data cleansing. We will discuss these two terms in this article and help you understand the difference between them and some of their benefits.

What Is Data Maintenance?

Data maintenance is a set of practices aimed at keeping your data healthy by regularly auditing, collecting and organising your data. It’s designed to ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible so you can continue to use it in the future without issues. Data maintenance is on-going and it requires you to constantly check on and update your data as issues can become costly to your business in the future. Failing to correctly maintain your data can result in data loss, data #corruption, #formatting errors and even the increased risk of malware attacks.

#Data Maintenance vs #Data Cleansing

Ways to maintain your data

There are several ways you can maintain your data:

– Clean it up to make sure everything is accurate and consistent.

– Back it up so it doesn’t get lost or corrupted.

– Make sure it’s easily accessible by creating user access controls that allow everyone who needs access to be able to see the information they need.

– Keep all your data central in one file or program

– Make sure your database is up to date and consistent

Benefits of data maintenance

There are many benefits associated with regularly maintaining your data:

– It protects organisations against viruses and attacks

– It keeps organisations up to date

– It saves time by promoting a efficient database

– It makes recovering lost data easier and more effective

What Is Data Cleansing ?

Data cleansing is the process of making sure your data is complete, consistent, and accurate. You can either sort through data and review it manually (Which is a timely and tedious process) or use a service such as AICA, which uses advanced algorithims to make this process much easier.

By cleansing your business data, you can make better decisions about your company. If you have inaccurate or incomplete information about your customers, then you might be missing out on a great opportunity to get your products to reach them. Or if you have inconsistent information across different systems, then it can make it difficult for different departments within your organisation to work together effectively. As a result time and money will be lost and this may damage your brand.

#Data Maintenance vs #Data Cleansing

Data cleansing can help prevent this from happening by making sure that all of the information in your various systems is consistent and accurate.

There are a number of ways to cleanse data:

– Using a service such as AICA

– Replacing incorrect values with correct ones

– Removing duplicates or redundant entries (such as the same address listed twice)

– Updating outdated values (like phone numbers or street addresses)

– missing values (like product SKUs)

When you cleanse your data, you are therefore removing redundant, inaccurate and outdated information from your database. It helps you make sure that the data you have is accurate and consistent.

There are many benefits to data #cleansing, including:

– Improved accuracy of reporting

– Reduced risk of compliance issues

– Less time spent on manual processes

– Better insight into your business and operations

– Increased profitability

– Improved marketing efforts

Now What’s The Difference ?

Data management and data cleansing are both important aspects of the data lifecycle. Data management is all about managing and organising data so that you can use it effectively, while data cleansing is about making sure your data is accurate and consistent. It’s like having a house: good data management is like having a well-organised home in which everything has its place, while good data cleansing is like cleaning your house regularly to make sure it stays tidy and free of dust.

#Data Maintenance vs #Data Cleansing

Now that you know the difference between data maintenance and data cleansing. Can you identify any weaknesses in your company’s data ? If so, visit AICA’s website to view their cost effective data cleansing tool which will help you save valuable time and money!