WEB 3.0

As part of a continued effort to expand into new markets, DigiTeams has partnered with Balance in order to help classical businesses effectively unitise and expand into the Web 3.0 space. Balance is a team of product strategists, financial engineers and blockchain developers from around the world. Balances unique selling point is fast-paced DeFi innovation & development, they have built multiple ecosystems from exchanges to bridges to algorithmic stables. Balances products have locked in millions of dollars of value, with thousands of active customers.



    Web3.0 provides unique benefits not seen in any other type of technology.

    Most notably, complete transparency through public ledger of transactions. This creates a transparent and public audit trail backed by complete security of the network.

    Exposes corruption and fraud.

    Non-Fungible Tokens are tradable tokens that live on the blockchain and are fully unique. Unlike traditional NFTs, these tokens can be for example, real-world documents showing ownership of real world assets. As a result you would be able to trade or lend/borrow your NFT in DeFi which is backed by a real asset. This will give DigiTeams the honour of being one of the first platforms to offer this to e-commerce stores bridging the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

    Unique Property Ownership

    Fractionalised ownership of land through NFTs will be made possible as well as many other possibilities such as selling your art for example. Using NFTs we can also add unique royalties-every time a piece of property gets sold, the original owner/developer/architect etc,gets a small royalty. Therefore both the buyer and selling gets rewarded.

    Supply Chain Traceability

    Creating a supply chain traceability system for sustainable raw materials through linking commerce to blockchain transactions. Fundraising through DeFi will become available which means that more funds will be available to startups as well as loans to expand your business resulting in more growth opportunities. Supplier payments can also be made with stablecoins which takes away the risk of price fluctuations that crypto can often be associated with. These payments are faster and safer than traditional banking and they also offer opportunities for businesses to earn high interest on there savings

     Unique services: What about using blockchain as an escrow service for shipping?

    Buyers don’t trust sellers and vice versa. Buyers place funds in a blockchain account – seller is then confident that funds are really available. In terms of the smart contract, funds will be released to the seller after a certain amount of time. Also having the capital and liquidity is a huge issue and DeFi  gives a very nice alternative to solving these problems.