In this article we are going to discuss why DigiSites is the best website builder for small-medium sized South African businesses who are looking for an affordable and easy to use website builder that hosts many of the advanced features that builders such as WordPress and Shopify have.

Allows You To Earn Passive Income (Affiliate Program)

One of the most important reasons why DigiSites stands out is the fact that website owners are able to earn a passive income through affiliate commission. Once you pay for a site you are given a referral code that you can share with fellow entrepreneurs that gives you 5% cash back from their subscription each month. And the best part is,the amount of people you can refer to DigiSites is unlimited and therefore the more you promote the more you earn. In addition, your cash doesn’t get trapped on DigiSites, it’s sent directly to your bank account!


Cost Effective

DigiSites is the most cost savvy website builder in South Africa. At a price range of R290-R490, it is almost impossible to find a similar service with the same fundamentals that DigiSites has to offer. At DigiTeams we want to help our customers get their foot into the online space and having a lower subscription fee allows you to allocate more capital to where it is needed most- and that is fine tuning your business.

Easy To Use

Not only is DigiSites cost effective, it is as user friendly as it gets. DigiSites is designed so that everyone is able to set up a site or store without having to pay someone to do so for you. This puts the power in your hands and allows you to fine tune your website exactly how you want to to function and look. Once your site is up and running, editing your site is a straightforward process and can even be done from a mobile device which allows you to edit your site anytime, anywhere.

Has South African Payment Gateways

One of the most important aspects of having a successful eCommerce store is that it needs to have a safe and easy-to-use payment gateway. This is why DigiSites implements PayFast for our South African store owners, PayFast allows you to offer several payment methods including:


-Bank Transfer




Your customers will therefore have a variety of payment options, which will be sure to satisfy their needs. There are no fees associated with DigiStore’s payments, unlike many other website builders and as a result you don’t need to adjust your prices to maintain profit margins. What you charge is what you get!

No Hidden Costs

Once you start your subscription with DigiSites, the only extra costs are a domain (if you don’t have one already) and email addresses, nothing else. Therefore you are ready to get your site running unlike many other website builders where you would still have to pay extra for templates or styles. What you see is what you get and we want to make sure that our customers get the most value for their money and therefore everything you need is already in the builder kit!

Templates That Are Designed To Match Your Business

Whether you are a plumber, electrician or even a hairdresser. DigiSites has a template that will match the type and style of your business making you look even more professional. There are over 50 templates on offer and there are even stock images that you can use to give your site some extra spice. Free of charge! In addition to these templates you are able to adjust almost every aspect of your site and there are built in SEO features to ensure that your site stands out in Google searches.