We know that it can be challenging to build a website, even on an easy to use website-builder such as DigiSites. Knowing that, we want to share some videos that you may find handy while building your dream site. We hope that you find this short article useful and please remember that if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us on our website.

Below Are Some Videos That Will Help You Build Your DigiSite:


– How To Add And Move Content 

This tutorial shows you how you can easily add and move content on your site, as well as adding and deleting sections.

– Adding Pages To Your Site

In this tutorial you learn step-by-step how to add new pages and folders to your website so that your clients can easily navigate your website.

– How To Add Images, Galleries And Slideshows To Your Site

Having content on your website is essential and this tutorial shows you how to do just that. Images,galleries and slideshows are showcased and explained in this video.

– How To Edit Your Site Design

This tutorial shows you how you can easily change the style and design of your site to accommodate whatever theme you are trying to achieve.

– Facebook Store Setup

This tutorial explains how you can easily link your DigiStore on your Facebook page allowing you to increase the reach of your products.

– How To Set Up Your Store

This tutorial explains everything you need to know from adding products to your store to setting up your payment methods. It also explains product descriptions and uploading images of your products. We recommend you watch this video as it is important to have your store look professional.

– DigiSites Search Engine Optimisation

This tutorial explains the built in SEO features that DigiSites offers to make sure that your site ranks higher in the search results.

– Store Categories and Product Tags 

This video shows you how to add tags to your products to make them easier to find as well as adding categories to your store.

– How To Use Site Analytics

Site analytics are a useful way to see how your website is performing and this tutorial shows you how you can use this built in feature on your DigiSite or DigiStore.

– How To Create Contact Forms

This tutorial shows you how you can create and edit both email and contact number forums on your site so that your customers/clients can contact you directly.

We hope that you found this article helpful,if you have any queries please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or contact us here. Thank you for your time