Balance Partners with Digiteams to offer Blockchain Solutions and Services to Global Enterprises.

We are beyond delighted to announce that the Balance ecosystem is expanding into classical Enterprise consulting and implementation services through a strategic partnership with Digiteams.

With this newly formed alliance, Balance and Digiteams will work closely together to offer world-class blockchain and decentralized finance services to mid and large-cap multinational organizations, first in the continents of Europe and Africa, and globally in the near future.

For Digiteams, Balance is the holistic partner on the blockchain, decentralized finance, and decentralized applications with engagements ranging from:
Evaluation of blockchain use-cases,
Digital and solution advisory,
Sustainability studies and development,
Blockchain architecture,
Business process optimization,
Customer centric experience design,
Business transformation with a key focus on data-driven practices
and much more…

Working hand in hand, Balance ecosystem and Digiteams will also offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology to enterprises of all scales.
DeFi Services For Blockchain Adoption
Balance ecosystem is driving Digiteams to expand into a full service digital agency with an integrated PR, marketing, and even advertising approach to all things Blockchain.

But that is not all. Obviously.

For Digiteams, we are already working towards creating blueprint solutions around smart contracts to speed time-to-market for enterprises that are agile and want to remain competitive in their industries. Be it supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, retail, or consumer products, we foresee a multitude of value-adding use cases for clients and their customers through the adoption of blockchain technology. To that end, we are executing tokenization projects, multi-signatory vault structures, payment and liquidity services, security audits, and finally NFTs.

We are helping create blockchain organizations, together, and we cannot be more excited!

As we gain more ground, we expect to formulate strong technology partnerships with big names in the traditional and the crypto sphere.

About FHM, USDB, and Balance
The Balance Organization is formed to administrate business development in service to the greater vision of the interplay between FHM and USDB. As such, profits from all ventures engaging $USDB as a commercial exchange of value will be used to buy back and burn FHM in order to increase our deflationary velocity at a rate tied to our business success in product developments.

Include additional value-added services:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Google Marketing

DigiTeams are experts in the latest management approaches, techniques and technologies of digital transformation as well as data management. From data cleansing and enrichment and enterprise architecture to Digital marketing and blockchain, we can offer you a bespoke digital transformation solution.

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